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    Login into K4


      I tried this procedure of Logging into K4 using scripting. then i get an error which says Base Plugin isnt installed properly or is disabled


      I modified it to

      #targetengine "session"
      function main(){
      var myEventListener = app.addEventListener("beforeNew", K4Login, false);
      function K4Login()


      I need to login into k4 using startup scripts. Is there any chance?

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          liedzeit Level 2
          I tried for quite some time but without success. It seems that the K4 plug-ins are not yet loaded when the events fire.
          What I finally did is this:

          I have an AppleScript in my start objects of the computer that just creates a document and closes it again.

          activate Adobe Indesign CS3″
          tell application Adobe InDesign CS3″
          set temp to make document with properties {showing window:false}
          close temp saving no
          end tell

          Then an afterNew Script similar to yours in startup of InDesign logs in. Not the most elegant way but working.