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    [CS2 AS] Export as Jpeg... image missing in the output.

    GagnonEric Level 1

      I'm using alot the export as jpeg feature as a validation helper while doing batch processing (for quality output, i have used export as pdf and rasterisation in photoshop... require more processing, but it give more reliable output).

      So with the base export, i'm having a odd problem where on other machine the some images are not exported appropriately (some appear with a white strippe and other completely blank).

      I have not found documentation on this but i'm pretty sure that the export is done from a low-res preview, so i suspect that that my script processing make the export before indesign has completed some document display refresh.

      I tought that i could use a arbitrary delay, but i find this solution quite inconvenient as it make the process slower and not completely deterministic.

      Is there a equivalent call to "recompose" that would let me be sure to call the export when the display refresh of the document is done? (if i remember well, i have tried forcing the document quality display to maximum).

      Thanks for any ideas! :)