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    Migrating scripts to InDesign Server


      Could someone explain what the process is to migrate a JavaScript InDesign script so that it can be used by InDesign Server? From reading the server documentation, I understand that I can run scripts from the TestClient command-line tool, but what changes do I need to make the the script? Do I simply need to change the #target name (if so, to what?) and are there other differences that I need to be aware of?

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          Hi Eliot,

          In all the work I've done with InDesign Server, I've never given a moments thought to the #target command. I think that's largely because in my case, I've been working with Typefi Publish and it launches my scripts and they are by definition targeted to ID Server.

          Within the scripts, there's quite a lot to look out for. Nearly all UI-related stuff is unavailable. So, for example, there is no such thing as


          in ID server. That's one of the reasons I use app.documents[0] in all my scripts, whether for server or desktop. Similarly, anything related to windows is unavailable and will cause errors.

          If you have ESTK installed on a machine with InDesign Server, you should be able to see its object model in the Object Model Viewer under ESTK's Help menu.

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            Thanks Dave, I'll give it a whirl...