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      We have to setup graduates' yearbook for 14.000 students.
      Filename of the photo will be name of the student.
      One class - one folder.
      What is the best way to automate this kind of workflow?
      Thanks in advance
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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
          Definitely. JavaScript is platform-independent, and ID's support is virtually flawless, as I have scripts from way back to CS that still work.

          The other choices are AppleScript -- but this is limited to Macs, VBScript -- the same for Windows (although programming in VBScript seems just a teeny weeny easier; but my office is split right down tha middle between Mac & Win), and, for advanced users only, raw handling of the COM objects in any external programming language that can handle them. The latter most likely constrains you to a single hardware platform, but what's (probably) worse is that the code will need major revising for each new version of CS.

          JavaScript is concise, can be edited with any plain text editor, and help for its general functions can be found all over the web. ID specific functions can be found in the ESTK Help menu (and I should probably mention that
          i someone
          re-programmed all that text into a comprehensively linked set of HTML files :-) ).

          Go for JavaScript.
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            Bullitt667 Level 1

            Do you have a script that will do what he wants and work in CS? I don't have experience with scripts but he has defined my needs to a tee.
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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
              I could write such a script when pressed, but for that I'd need
              i a lot
              more information -- inputs, outputs, what kind of text it needs to place, and much more.

              >I don't have experience with scripts ...

              I'm not "into" writing 3rd party scripts, but there are people who hang out here that might pick it up for you.

              All in all, it doesn't seem too daunting.

              * I'd start with gathering the file information. How does JS handle folders and files? Never needed those before, but it probably gets them as string arrays. Check up on the 'folder' and 'file' methods in any decent JS help. Write a script that loads and displays the file names found.

              * Given a file name and path, importing this and placing as a graphic should be easy. The JS help from ID will guide you through it -- Adobe's JS manuals should help you with that ( http://www.adobe.com/devnet/indesign/ -- click 'Documentation').

              * How is decided which picture goes where with the text? A placeholder? A file name? A numeric id? Place the text into ID, give it some basic layout, and write a script that locates the placeholder.

              * Glue those scripts together, and let it rip.
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                Thanks, jongware. I'd also add: the ImageCatalog.jsx example script that comes with InDesign would not be a bad place to start. It has most of the routines you'll need to do what you want do to.

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                  In about a week, I will be shipping an updated version of the Contact Sheet script for Bridge and InDesign CS4. When it's ready, it will do exactly what you need.