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    Font Size in & Leading in TextFrame


      I've a problem on font size and leading handle in textframe.

      There is a textframe with text on difference font size, for example, first line with font size 10 and 2nd line with size 12 .... and there are total 10 lines. With this 10 lines, the textframe is overflow. To make the textframe become not overflow, it need to decrease the font size and the leading by 0.1 in each characher of the textframe until the textframe not overflow.

      I've tried to loop through all the charachter inside the textframe and do the reduction (on character.pointsize and character.leading) but the performance is very low as there are many characters inside the textframe within those lines.

      Is there any faster way to make the font size and leading reduce in the Textframe until not overflow? Please advise. Thanks.