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    Run a script from a script

    Seth McGraw Level 1
      Can anyone help me run a script from a script to kill an event listener?
      There is an event listener on save. The same script may be run multiple times before changing workflows (which require different sets of scripts).

      The eventual goal is to have a time stamp in a specific text frame that will already have content. The new stamp will overwrite the old, and only happen before close. Right now it's set for "on save" because I can't figure out an if else statement for "before close". I don't want to have to end the session to be able to work different job types. I need to be able to kill the event listener when exiting documents that create one.

      I'm throwing crap at the wall, hoping it will stick. I'm sure there's a better way to handle it. Anyone have ideas.

      CS3 & CS4 javascript