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    error message Indesign CS2 when saving a document

      Indesign CS2, MAC OS 10.4.11

      Hello to everybody

      I have this small script for saving a document

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
      set Thepath to (path to desktop) as string
      set Thepathf to Thepath & "Rclue Indesign Grids:"
      info for file Thepathf
      set Thepath to Thepathf as string
      end try
      set Thepath to Thepath & "4x4fac_100001.Indd"
      set file_ref to open for access file Thepath
      close access file_ref
      save active document to Thepath
      close active document
      end tell

      It is part of an application which is running correctly on several computers

      For one of my client I got now this error when executing the save instruction

      "Adobe Indesign CS2 error file "name of the file" can't be found"

      and what I get in the folder is an empty file

      Manually we can save the file

      Have you already met this problem, thank you for your help


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          sstanleyau Level 4
          I'm a bit baffled by what your code is doing exactly. All you should need<br />is:<br /><br />tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"<br />set Thepath to (path to desktop) as string<br />set Thepathf to Thepath & "Rclue Indesign Grids:"<br />set Thepath to Thepath & "4x4fac_100001.Indd"<br />save active document to Thepath<br />close active document saving no<br />end tell <br /><br /><br />-- <br />Shane Stanley <sstanley@myriad-com.com.au><br />AppleScript Pro Florida, April 2009 <a href=http://scriptingmatters.com/aspro>