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    Automatically place images within multiple InDesign documents

      I work for a publishing company of agricultural trade magazines and work on few titles each month. We are trying to streamline our production procedures and previous company I worked for had a script they used to place images within text pages by searching for the file name, however there were some limitations with this script (it would only work within 1 InDesign document and only within 1 InDesign story at a time). The company I am with now breaks out each editorial story into separate InDesign files and we place image boxes when the display ads are going to go. For our purposes now, I am looking for a script that, once all of the image boxes were tagged with the image file names, could search between multiple InDesign documents in a folder and automatically place all the images for us. Is anything like this available or able to be created? If so, would it have the capacity to search between multiple InDesign documents and search the entire document for the image file names? Any help would be greatly appreciated!