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    IDCS2 - Print/save seperate pdf files per page (with custom filenames)

      Hi everyone,

      I post the message below already in the other forum (Indesign for Windows), but someone pointed that this is a better place for my question.

      I'm having this issue here. I've created a new document after data merging, this document has 50 pages, every page contains an amount, a code and an image. Now i need to have 50 seperate pdf files, so 1 pdf per page, from this with a file name that goes like this: "ammount_code.pdf"
      Is this possible, if yes, can you explain like I was a 3-year-old kid please?

      Now Peter Spiers already told me it's mostly likely impossible to do this with just clicking some menu's, but this has to be scripted, anyone has an idea?

      Thanks in advance!!