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    Missing XML Element when using asset from library

    liedzeit Level 2
      This is not really a scripting question but I seem to be unable to find any regular ID forum and it has something to do with a scripting workflow I established for a customer.

      A script places an asset from a library onto a document and then (amongst other things) imports some XML file.
      The asset in the library consists of a number of textframes and has the structure e.g.:


      Now the customer needs new templates (that is assets in the library) and we cannot produce them anymore. It seems that as of CS 3 5.0.4 Adobe changed the behavior of the library. Dragging e.g. two box-tagged boxes with an article parent XML into the library leads to an asset without the article element. Can someone confirm this? And more important is there a reason to it? Or is there a way to configure the behavior?

      I guess I could create a parent xml element by script after placing the element but then I would need to redo all existing libraries.

      Thank you,