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    Script UI Generator

    Steven.. Level 3
      I have created an application to generate script UI. In order to create dialog, one would add controls to treeview in app change properties in propertygrid and click Preview to view dialog with either Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. I am interested in hearing feedback from fellow scripters.

      I am contemplating selling as stand alone app or as a web service where for a small fee you can upload file and the javascript result would be generated for you in a textBox on webpage. Currently the result is a resource string, but I am thinking of also giving the option to generate raw javascript. Also in the plans is to generate functions for events, which would mean that you could concentrate on task at hand an UI would be considerably lighter task.

      The Main benefit is the ability to preview with the click of a button to see how the changes to the properties effect the created code.

      If you are interested in playing around with app in it's beta form (Windows only .net 3.0) then email me at adobe.righttoleft@gmail.com, but keep in mind at this point there is no way to actually see the code that was generated, but will give a taste of what is to come. Thank you for a moment of your precious time.
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          Steven.. Level 3
          As I have been going through and testing various properties I have found a few things with ScriptUI that I would like to post.

          First, I ditched the resource strings when I realized that adobe has not been updating it with all the new features in Script UI. For example no TabbedPanel or Tab. Also creating listbox with two columns will crash the application in which it is running. However in raw code all these things work just fine, so my app now generates real code (which may be a pretty good thing being that the end user will have an easier time reading the code).

          Second, The Justify property. does it really work? I could only get it to work on editbox element (which is probably the most important one), using a mixture of resource string and code. The problem is that the justify property has to be set at creation of the element, but justify is not one of the creation properties, except if using a resource string then it could be at creation of the element. My code looks something like this

          > dlg.add("edittext{justify:'right'}")

          but even this doesn't work on other elements with justify property (statictext,radiobutton,checkbox,panel,window).

          I didn't see it online so i'll just post here, shortcutKey property accept a string of a single letter (maybe also number, but I didn't try) which on Windows is activated by pressing ALT + key entered (maybe on mac it's cmd). however it only activates control, pressing or toggling value is done with Enter key or space bar.

          selection property of treeview using index - couldn't get it to work.

          Thanks for listening to my rant, any help is appreciated