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    Can you export an Assignment  to XML?

      Can anybody tell me if it is possible to create a script to export a CS3 Assignment (as distinct from a complete layout file) to an XML file using the 'Styles to Tags' option?

      For internal process reasons, our InDesign layouts are broken down into individual InCopy files for all elements such as an article title, the subheading, image captions, contributor name, etc.. If there are multiple articles on a layout, there can be any number of linked InCopy files and there is no automatic way to detect which are related to which article.

      Currently, we use the 'Styles to Tags' option to export all the text from a layout to a single XML file and then 'hunt and peck' for related pieces to paste into our web content management system.

      What we are hoping though is that it may be possible to associate the related of each article on the layout using the Assignments panel and then export these as logically grouped items.


      - Geoff