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    ExtendedScript from html page


      can i make script in the extendedScript toolkit(this script place document to indesign application) and run this script from html page?

      or is there integration between extendedscript and html?

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          Dirk Becker  Level 4
          HTML pages are usually displayed in web browsers, whose security model is designed specifically against any access to local resources, especially such calls to local applications.

          Besides to browsers, on the Mac, the "Dashboard" allows you to write little applications "widgets" exactly the way you're suggesting. It uses WebKit to display HTML.

          In order to communicate with extendscript, you'd have to go through the operating system's command line.
          http://developer.apple.com/documentation/AppleApplications/Conceptual/Dashboard_ProgTopics /Articles/CommandLine.html

          From there you'd invoke the scripting system with "OSAScript"

          then pass on your extendscript and arguments into InDesign via doScript.

          Another alternative to the main HTML browser is AIR, which also has an instance of WebKit for HTML display.

          Apparently it is possible to invoke BridgeTalk - the Creative Suite's inter application communication used by extendscript - straight from AIR. I don't yet have references how to do that, found the link below just yesterday.

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            How to open a application with file using script via html in MAC.