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    [CS3][VBS]Converting a CALS table to Indesign table in XML

      Hi!<br /><br />I have an xml-file with tables that I want to import into Indesign. It works fine when I use the Import CALS tables as Indesign tables in "Import options", but the problem is when I do this some emphasis elements inside the "entry" elements isn't found when I try to use XMLRules to format the emphasis elements in the document...<br />The structure of the table can be like this (in general):<br />Tabell<br />  table<br />    tblgrp<br />      tbody<br />       row<br />         <entry>Some text...<emp Type = "bold">bold text</emp></entry><br />         <entry>Some text</entry><br />         <entry>some text</entry><br />       row<br />      tbody<br />    tblgrp<br />   table<br /> Tabell<br /><br />When I import the Table as CALS tables to Indesign tables, the table structure is collapsed into just a <Tabell> element. I assume this is the reason why the <emp> element isn't found.<br /><br />I try to solve this by NOT importing CALS tables to Indesign tables. I see then that the whole table structure is intact in the structure panel and the <emp> elements are also found by the XMLRules, but the contents is not put inside a table in the indesign document. To put the table elements into a table in Indesign I use the Command: "ConvertElementToTable" but this doesnt work very well. I use it in XMLRules like this:<br /><br />Public Property Get xpath()<br />xpath = "//Tabell"<br />End Property<br /><br />Public Function apply(myXMLElement, myRuleProcessor)<br />With myXMLElement<br />.ConvertElementToTable "row", "entry"<br />End With<br />apply = False<br />End Function<br /><br />Does anyone have any experience of importing XML-tables in Indesign and formatting them? I could really need some to put the xml table into Indesign tables...Please help!<br /><br />In advance thanks!