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    How to Use Regex Options in CS2 [JS] - Reg.

      Dear All,

      Hai, I have doubt about the Regex options using in CS2 - Script.

      Problem :

      filename = "FTR0123a.indd";

      k = Regex.match(filename,"(^FTR)(\d+)([A-Z*])\.(indd|indt))

      if k.match = success

      k1 = "."
      k2 = $1 [ Stored in First Value only]
      k3 = $2 [ Stored in Second Value only]

      Here I got the answers from VB.NET using Regex options. But I can't use the Same condition in Javascript.

      Please any one can give the solutions about the problem.

      Thanks & Regards
      T.R.Harihara SudhaN