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    [JS CS2] Drop Shadow

      How can I find out if an object on my page has a drop shadow or not via a script?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
          A quick search in the help reveals this:

          b Class: DropShadowSetting

          Drop shadow settings.
          Element of ContentTransparencySetting.dropShadowSettings

          (a bit unexpected, but there you go.)

          FillTransparencySetting appears to be "Transparency settings for the fill applied to the parent object.", as a property of regular objects (Button, EPS, GraphicLine, Image, Rectangle, TextFrame etc.), although to be sure you should check StrokeTransparencySetting as well.
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            Hi Jongware,

            Sorry to be posting to this thread after such a long stretch og time but its related to this.

            In the Indesigns user interface I noticed that in the pages pallete, the page icon displays differently if it has a transparent object (It displays a gray chequered pattern).
            Is it possible to use this somehow via a script

            eg: If page icon display is chequered = page contains transparent objects

            else page does not contain transparent objects.

            Thanks in advance