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    Indesign CS3 insert pages - $20 paypal if you can fix my problem :)

      I need a simple indesign cs3 automator script to add pages

      for eg. I have a 1000 page indesign document
      and I need to insert blank a page between each existing page in the document.

      eg. current page, blankpage, current page, blank page etc.

      needs to be able to handle any length of document
      starts to insert after the first page

      I currently have an old script here is the code:
      aDoc = app.documents[0];
      aPages = aDoc.pages;
      for (j = aPages.length - 1; j >= 0; j--) {
      aDoc.pages.add(LocationOptions.after, aPages[j]);
      if (j % 100 == 0) {

      problem with the current script
      is that it bogs down with large documents after about 500 pages

      I run on a Mac pro with 12GB of Ram.. so ram isnt an issue

      willing to pay $20 via Paypal to anyone that can solve the problem :)