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    CALS table in CS3: Table style ??

    GagnonEric Level 1

      It's not script related but as the xml features are mostly used by developpers, i will be asking here..

      The xml format to import table is a bit underdocumented but i was able to find how to assign style using "aid:pstyle" or "aid:cstyle"... wich makes the import feature quite interessing and usable.

      But i was not able to find how to assign Table style (CS3 feature).

      Using a INX file, i have found a reference to "aid:tstyle", but when i use it in a xml to import like in this exemple: <Table xmlns:aid="http://ns.adobe.com/AdobeInDesign/4.0/" aid:table="table" aid:tstyle="Table Style 1" aid:tcols="4" aid:trows="3">, it doesnt work.

      Any idea on how it's possible to assign table style in the imported XML?


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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant
          What does it look like if you create a table with a table style and save it as INX? That should give you a template to work with.

          If I were at my proper machine, I'd try it for myself :-) Let us hear what you got.
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            GagnonEric Level 1
            I was able to figure out the problem: the xml has to be declared with http://ns.adobe.com/AdobeInDesign/5.0/, the tablestyle attribute doesnt seem to exist in 4.0.

            The export seem to be using 4.0 by default and the pdf sample i was using was refering to "aid5". Nice feature.. but definitively need better documentation and more "realworld" exemples! :)

            I will have to play more with this, the import doesnt look good with the 5.0 (there is a bogus row that is added (compared to the same 4.0 declared xml)).