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    [AS CS3] Search first occurence then next search item

    Jukka Lauhalahti Level 1
      I have a 1000+ page book. I need to change several (2000+) names to character style but only first occurence of that name and then search first occurence of next name. Names are on a text file which i read to AS but if i use

      set myFoundItems to change text
      it searches all occurences of find text and changes to character style.

      What i need is a script that searches first occurence of name "AAA", changes that to character style "Whatever" and then proceeds to search name "BBB" and changes that too. Only first occurences of search.

      It would be wery handy if the second search (BBB) would start right after the "AAA" and not from the beginning of teh story.

      Any ideas?