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    JS: CS3-Change text on master pages

      Hello all,
      I am new to JS and I really need help. I have spent hours researching, but without much success. I have written code in VB before but I am totally new to JS so please be patient with me. Here is what I want to do.

      I publish a monthly trade magazine. Every month when it is time to create the next issue, I open the one that was just completed and do a Save As for the next month. I then go in and delete all the articles and just move around the ads. I have about 20 master pages (left and right combined) and I have to go in and do a find/replace to change the issue date on the top. I don't want to do a Replace All in case it is somewhere else in the document.

      For example, I am about to create the April, 2008 issue. The document will be named 2008-04.indd. I will go to the master pages and find 'March, 2008' and replace it with 'April, 2008'. I am thinking I should use Script Labels and name each text frame on each Master Page so I only change those instances.

      Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas...? Any help would be appreciated. Just remember to talk to me like you are dealing with a 5 year old. Scripting with JS in ID is totally new to me.