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    Need to automate some updates on multiple old files converted from Quark


      A friend has CS3 Design edition, on Mac OS X 10.4.11. (I have CS2. I'm her techy. ;-) )

      She has a large job involving nearly a hundred files that was started in an old version of Quark, and can't be completed there due to its limitations.

      Probably because of the large version difference, some things aren't coming over when she opens the files in InDesign. In particular we need to select 3 images in each file and replace them with the originals. Looks like just the on-screen low-res image is coming over with the file conversion. One image -- a logo -- is common to all files; the other two images are different on each, but all are in one folder on the hard drive.

      We need to do the same thing with 2 fonts that needed changing anyway. We want to select a replacement font for each.

      So what we'd like is maybe an Automator action (or series of actions) or an Applescript that would allow her to drag and drop each file onto it and have the appropriate actions occur. Right now she's using the File/Preflight dialog to tell her what's wrong with each file, then using its facilities to do the changes too. It works, but it's tedious!

      Any help appreciated, including basic instructions on creating a script or action using recording, if that's possible.