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    AS: setting table properties in ID CS3 invokes odd error message

      I'm converting an InDesign CS2 script to CS3 and am having the strangest error. This code used to work in ID CS2 for the selected text frame:

      >tell parent story of insertion point 1 of selection

      >set theTable to make table with properties {width:gridColumnWidth, body row count:totalGridRows, header row count:0, footer row count:0, column count:totalGridColumns, height:gridRowHeight, left border stroke weight:gridBorderWeight, right border stroke weight:gridBorderWeight, top border stroke weight:gridBorderWeight, bottom border stroke weight:gridBorderWeight, left border stroke type:"Solid", right border stroke type:"Solid", top border stroke type:"Solid", bottom border stroke type:"Solid", space after:0, space before:0}

      >end tell

      But now it chokes and gives me this strange error:

      >Adobe InDesign CS3 got an error: Invalid value for set property 'height'. Expected number or string, but received 21.80909090909093.

      Huh? That obviously has to be a number or string, so what's going on? What's even weirder is if I delete all the table properties except for weight and height, the script doesn't give the error. I know I can do this with a table style, but I'd like to understand what the problem is before I take that step.