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    (JS) ESTK doesn't contain all features for setting preferences

      Hello all, i'm quite a newbie in ID scripting, but nevertheless a wrote a script that is setting almost all ID preferences. But I've found some items, which aren't captured in the ID Object Model. Does anyone know, where to find or better, how to solve these items:

      1) General preferences/Scripts: Activate attached Scripts
      I've didn't find anything to enable/disable this button

      2) Input/Inputoptions: Font Preview Size
      I didn't find anything also for this

      3) Filemanagement/Snippet-Import: Placing Snippets at Cursor-Position or at Original Position
      just the same

      4) Filemanagement/Version Cue: Activate/Deactivate Version Cue
      also the same

      It would be great, if someone could give me some help.

      BR Jochen