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    Converting documents to CS3 [JS]

      I need to ensure that all documents that my CS3 server sees, ends up as CS3 documents. Thus I've written a small prototype script which I expect should convert all documents to CS3 .indd files:

      var dir = new Folder("/spool/");
      var a = dir.getFiles("cs2*.indd");
      for(i = app.documents.length-1; 0 <= i; i--)
      for(i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {
      var f = File(a[i]);
      var doc = app.open(f);
      doc = doc.save(new File("/spool/cs3_" +(i+1) + ".indd"), false, "", true);
      if (doc)

      However, after letting extendScript toolkit chew on this for a while, my InDesign CS3 still shows the document as a converted CS2 document when opening the newly saved version.

      What am I doing wrong?