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    FTP Changes Only??

      I upgraded from MX 2004 to CS4. In MX 2004, I could select a folder and click on the Put Files button. Then, only those files newer than the ones on the server would be uploaded. In CS4, everything in the folder goes up......everytime! Does anyone know a way to stop that? I have looked all over and can't find a way to tell it to Put changed files only.
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          In the Files panel, Edit > Select Recently Modified (or any of the other
          Select... options)


          John Waller

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            I found that, but it's for "finding" files. I am trying to adjust the files that get Put to the server. I only want to Put files that have a newer date on the local machine that the server. MX 2004 always did this. It was set that way by default. For some reason CS4 Puts all files.......even if the date and timestamp on the file is the same as the server.

            Does anyone know how to tell CS4 to Put only those files that have a different date and time?
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              Let me correct my reply above. What you described is for selecting files. I can see how I can Select Newer Local, and then Put, but this is really slow. In MX 2004 you could update a few files and then select the folder and Put. Changed files would be Put. Anything that matched the date and time was not Put. I didn;t have to select anything nor did I have to wait for a Select.

              Can't CS4 do this as MX 2004 did?