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    InDesign CS3 Visual Basic Type Library GUIDs difference in XP and Vista

      I have started migrating to Vista for some of our applications and have run across an issue. After installing InDesign CS3 on Vista I went to run one of the Applications and it did not work when calling COM object from the Adobe InDesign CS3 Type Library {666F676B-7790-4B6F-B691-EC43C6F94C18}. After investigating it turns out that the type library isnt installed with this GUID in the registry instead it has been installed under GUID {B694A47E-004D-48e0-AE77-B37A9CC18760}. I have tried to uninstall the install InDesign but this still doesnt register the type library under the right value {666F676B-7790-4B6F-B691-EC43C6F94C18}. Has anyone suggestly used C# to access the Visual Basic Type Library on Vista?