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    Table, XML is there reliable information somewhere?

    GagnonEric Level 1

      It's not new and i'm sure i'm not the only one facing this problem: XML table documentation (feature and namespace).

      Should i consider this a unsupported feature!? ;)

      My testing show that the results are a bit unreliable *or at least not comprensible* at least from the documentation it's hard to be sure 100% of what it's supposed to do and in wich circumstances (there is a technical pdf from Adobe, but it looks like there is some errors in the samples (ex. aid5 ... what is it??)

      There is the 4.0/5.0 namespace that i was not able to totally figure out and the import/merge mecanism.

      For the base mecanism (export/import).. 4.0 namespace:

      If i import for the first time (and place the xml node in a text box), the width attributes of the cell is considered but ignored when a "merge" is done!??? I would have expected this information to be updated always.. so that if you import a xml with with info, it's updated and if you dont have .width property in the imported xml it doesn change the layout (instead of doing the update only at first import and never at "sync" (import/merge)).

      Is there a more solid documentation of:
      1) namespace attributes of 4.0, 5.0
      2) what supported at import (related to namespace version)

      Is the only way to figure this out is to inspect .inx xml output??

      ps: I have seen the document from Anne-Marie Conception try to solve a bit the "underdocumented issue"(thanks for sharing) but it's for CS2... would be great to have some more information on CS3.

      Please, share if you have any hints, documentation, experience... i'll do my best to report if i find some relevant stuff.