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    Tab navigation does not show at all in FP 10 it shows in FP9

    levancho Level 3

      I have module that is loaded at runtime,
      it has simple tab navigation with 3 children,
      in FlashPlaer 9 Debug, tab navigation shows fine, even thought for some reason it looks like linkbar :)
      also numericStepper looks like inputBox and ComboBox has no arrow, (they all look fine in FB 3.2)
      in Flash player 10 tab navigation does not show at all, is there any obvious thing that I am missing ?
      I am guessing something terribly wrong with flex styles, but I am not overriding any styles,

      my environment :

      vindows Vista 64 bit (although I use jvm 32)
      project is build with latest flex sdk :flex_sdk_3.3.0.4589
      P.S: I cant attach image here, so I will record video tomorrow, if that will help.
      thanks in advance