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    Script for CS3 won't work in CS2

      Hello all,

      I am new to scripting and trying to get a script written for CS3 to work in CS2. The script was given to me a participant in the InDesign forum. At any rate, here is the script:

      for (n=0; n<app.selection.length; n++) {
      app.selection[n].move([23.44, 100.05]);

      I get an error messsage that says

      error #19
      error string "bad argument move"
      Line: 2
      Source: "app.selection[n].move([23.44, 100.0});"
      Offending text: "100.0"

      As i said I am new to scripting and have been perusing the scripting manual but cannot gather what my error was, and I am trying to meet a deadline.

      Cheers in advance!