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    Export Layout view

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      I know its a wrong place to Post this question but i could not get the answer from Incopy forum

      How to print the layout view of a document. When it try to print or export a doument to PDF the story view is exported or printed. How to change it to Layout view.

      Does anyone have the InCopy reference Guide. I could not find it anywhere in the Adobe Site.

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            Maybe you're not entirely clear in your terminology.

            Story view? Layout view? For an InDesgin user it makes sense if you mean the Story Editor with the first, and your regular page view window with the second. However, that does not compute with your problem, which is (if I understand it correctly) that you export or print the
            i first
            one; i.e., the Story View. That can't be done in the ID I have.

            Perhaps it's an option in InCopy, as that is all text oriented (as opposed to Plain-InDesign), and probably not meant to be used in the way you describe. I recall that InCopy is designed to edit texts, while the actual layout work has to be done in ID.
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              Hi Priya1,

              Try something like this:

              app.documents.item(0).windows.item(0).viewTab = ViewTabs.LAYOUT_VIEW;
              app.documents.item(0).exportFile(ExportFormat.PDF_TYPE, File("/c/InCopyTest.pdf"));

              As far as reference material goes--you can view the InCopy object model in the ExtendScript Toolkit--choose Adobe InCopy CS3 Object Model from the Help menu.