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    Best Method for Importing and Exporting Data to a local 'resrouce'  file

      I've searched the forum, and seen glimmers of hope to what I am trying to piece together - but not in a concise way that will sink into my brain.

      Using Javascript on a PC for IDCS2, I'm writing a simple script that has a user interface.

      I'd like to have 4 default values for the user interface to be read from (and if altered, written to) a text file.

      What's the simplest way to go about this? I've read through many posts, and toyed around with readln and writeln functions, but nothing is working out. For some reason, I can't send any information to any file - let alone read it back in.

      Could somebody point me in the right direction? For simplicity sake let's say I have just one variable, "myVariable" - and I want to send it to and read it from c:\test.txt.

      Someday - this will all sink in. Right now, I'm reaching for Aspirin.