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    When do I have to use InDesign Server?

    liedzeit Level 2
      This might be a bit off topic, but maybe someone here can help me.
      I have an application that communicates with a database driven editorial system. Basically it displays all the pages of an issue. And it can poll the database, see that there are layouts that need to be updated. Then it will checkout the layout load articles (i.e. InCopy content) and check in. A new preview is generated and I get the updated view of the issue.
      The question is: Am I allowed to do that with the InDesign Desktop application on my machine? All the stuff done can also be done manually. But some people tell me that it is actually a Server job.

      So can anyone explain in laymans terms what is legal to do with regular InDesign scripting?

      Any opinion (or definite answer) would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you,