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    Image Resolution, Including Photoshop EPS

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      With the help of you all I've been writing my fingers off, having fun and gettin' things done! Thanks to all of you. But now I'm back begging your assistance again!

      The InDesign CS3 info pallet lists the effective and actual resolution of a placed image, including a Photoshop EPS file so I'm guessing that info is "scriptible." I'm seeing references to "actualPpi" and "effectivePpi" in relation to "EPS" and "Image" in some HTML help files someone on this site send a linked me to (more thanks!) as well as in the CS2 scripting reference but, curiously, not in the CS3 PDF scripting files.

      I've tried things like InD.Selection(1).Graphics(1).EPS and .Image but with no luck. The actualPpi and effectivePpi are supposed to be "Array of number" but I've been unable to access either.

      Any ideas?

      Thank you again,