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    XSLT or Scripts (Mac -Indesign CS3)

      Good Morning Everybody,

      We are planning now to move our Journal (XML) production into Indesign CS3.

      I've been successfully (though with limitations, as I am newbie in Indesign) implemented our books productions into Indesign CS2. This has been achieved thru using XSLT and Javascript expertise.

      I've fair knowledge of XML features, like xpath, xslt, XSL, XSL:FO and Javascript though I still learning new things when it comes to use Javascripts in Indesign.

      Well coming back to my query regarding Journals in Indesign, I am writing a style sheet, which transforms the xml input with all required formatting (paragraph, character styles), data manipulations, successfully inserting the punctuations specially in references, which can imported into INDCS2.

      When it comes to informations like "Running Heads", "Journal informations, like volume, print issn, electronic issn" author infos in 2nd page onwards etc etc...In all these cases, I would prefer to use the XSLT (XML contains all these info) instead of scripts, simply because of reason, which I mentioned earlier that I am newbie in using Javascript in Indesign and there are may be some limitations of scripts in Indesign (Although thanks to Adobe for introducing XPath in CS3).

      It was pretty easy for me to tackle/automate all these issues in other pagination platform (and the template was generic) using various scripts, XML features etc, but as I said we would also like to transit few of our journals into Indesign CS2/CS3

      I've also tried to search the forum for possible answers but not very successfully. Can somebody suggest/guide how we should go about it? I don't mind to using scripts, if it is the best way of handling and developing a generic template. Or may be to look into other plug-ins, languages to make it successful.

      Apology for writing such a long details but I thought I should made it clear what I am looking for.

      Any help/guidance in this regard will be highly appreciated.