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    Urgent: Online files accessing local files Issue


      We are working on a online project where we have some 600 MB videos.

      The complete project is made using flash & HTML.

      Objective: To access few flash files from a CD ROM where the rest of the files are online. (So that the user doesn’t have to wait for these video to download from server)

      Method: Autostart the CD ROM with some initial file(start.html) which retrieves the users CD ROM path. Then the page is redirected to the website page (FlashHolder.html) passes the path along with the URL. This FlashHolder.html page then tries to load the video from the file location it has received as part of the URL.

      The issue: This works perfectly file till Flash 7, but with introduction of flash 8 this is not working. Kindly let me know if there is a way to access locally placed flash files from web server in flash 8.

      I am located at Mumbai, India. Feel free to contact me at 9820189256 or at gungupta@hotmail.com