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    XML Data merging for InDesign CS3

      I am working on a catalog for a study abroad company. The layout consists of a introduction page for each city, several program data items, and a final bit about excursions. To reduce the amount of filler needed, and overall page count, we have decided on a design that will allow the intro city page to flip from left or right. I have set up individual master pages for both sides, plus the additional pages, and I have created all of my styles for text/paragraph/tables & objects. The stumbling block that I have hit, however, is that the cities (which are listed alphabetically) may start to flip sides once we finish the original layout and start the editing process (not to mention that new cities still might be added) I have never used the XML function in InDesign, but am familar with XML. Is there any way to set up the document so that I can identify objects, and then somehow tell InDesign to move the objects based on the page template? For example: In the top outside corner of the page is the country flag. Is there any way to tell InDesign that if Master A is applied, that the flag should go on the left, and if Master B is applied to the same page, it would flip to the other side of the page? Currently, becuase I don't have anything tagged, it just lays the new master content underneath. I'd appreciate any advice.