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    View preferences don't change


      I am scripting InDesign CS2 using VBA (the last one left in the universe?).

      I have been trying to change the measurement units and ID is not reacting, even though the code seems to work.

      myInDesign.ViewPreferences.ShowRulers = False
      myInDesign.ViewPreferences.HorizontalMeasurementUnits = idMillimeters
      myInDesign.ViewPreferences.VerticalMeasurementUnits = idMillimeters

      When I use MsgBox to look at the values they have changed in the script but when I go back to ID it has not changed. (But I can change them manually in ID.)

      Yet other ViewPreferences do work, like RulerOrigin.

      Thanks for any advice.
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          > I am scripting InDesign CS2 using VBA (the last one left in the universe?).

          what you mean ?? ;)


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            srakete Level 1

            I suppose the document settings wins over the application settings. Try change the viewPreferences for the document. These property exists for the document as well:

            myDocument.ViewPreferences.ShowRulers = False
            myDocument.ViewPreferences.HorizontalMeasurementUnits = idMillimeters
            myDocument.ViewPreferences.VerticalMeasurementUnits = idMillimeters

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              Hi, Robin.

              That comment was meant to be a joke. It looks as if most of the scripters on the forum are now using Java and CS3. I have not done any scripting in a few years and don't know Java (and haven't upgraded to CS3) so I was wondering how many people would be around who still use VB.

              Hi, Stefan.

              Thanks for your comment. You are exactly right and have solved my problem. When I change the preferences for the document instead of the application, everything works. Not sure why I missed the document view preferences before but these things happen. Thanks again.