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    Is Applescript Dead?

      I'm not a programmer, I'm a printer, but I've used applescript for several years to automate Quark first and now Indesign as much as possible. It seems now, based on this forum, that applescript is defunct, or at least the poor cousin. If so, what would be a good reference for a beginning, non-programming person to start with to learn Java. I like the idea of cross platform ability, but, quite frankly, Applescript was a fun little thing for the non-professional to fool around with, far easier to understand, and, with some help from several forum members, I've been able to save a lot of time and improve accuracy on a daily basis by scripting.

      So, your opinion, is applescript dead because Java is better? Or is this forum just populated with Java programmers?
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          not Java - JavaScript


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            AppleScript is far from dead and there are some AppleScript experts here (I am not one of them). There are a number of AppleScript questions and answers as on the forum every day. But not as many as JavaScript.

            Many of the experts on the forum write scripts as consultants. As such, cross platform capability is one of the more important issues. They develop on their machines and deploy to whatever the customers have.

            But you'll be able to get lots of AppleScript help here as well.

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              AppleScript is far from dead. For people looking to write InDesign scripts<br />that run on both Windows and Macs, javascript is the way to go. For people<br />looking for scripts that control more than one app, and especially including<br />non-Adobe apps, platform-standard apps like AppleScript and VB are far more<br />useful.<br /><br />-- <br />Shane Stanley <sstanley@myriad-com.com.au>
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                Shane is right, of course. I still use AppleScript a lot. But I started to write JavaScripts even for Mac only environments. Makes me sad, but that is the way it is. If apps have to communicate I use AppleScripts do script to call a JavaScript.
                But to answer your question: Take a look at the provided scripts. Compare a JavaScript line for line with the corresponding AppleScript. That is what I did. For specific JavaScripts terminolgy like file handling you will find plenty of examples in non ID Scripts.
                Give it a try.

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                  Applescript can be very powerful under time constraints, especially in hectic production environments.

                  I love cramming tons of stuff into one line, there's really no reason to not.


                  fit (object reference of every text frame of active page of layout window 1 whose every table of it is not {}) given frame to content


                  Used in unison with Javascript, you can't go wrong.