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    ExportFormat  to inDesignFile?

      Is there a way to export a page range to a separate *.indd file?

      I would think it'd be similar to this:

      app.epsExportPreferences.pageRange = "1-3, 6, 9";
      var myFile = new File("/c/myTestFile.eps");
      app.activeDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.epsType, myFile, false);
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          I don't think pageRanges can have spaces in them (can they?).

          Your code looks good to me, although I'm not sure about the filepath you've chosen. Do you have permission to write to the top level of your c drive?

          What happens when you run that code?

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            A short answer on Mike's question is: not in the regular way.

            The various export properties/methods are scattered about the Application object, and include epsExportPreferences, jpegExportPreferences, pdfExportPreferences, storyExportPreferences, svgExportPreferences, taggedTextExportPreferences, textExportPreferences, and xmlExportPreferences -- no inddExportPreferences, alas.
            It's also not an option in the UI (although it has been requested a few times, I recall).

            .. what would/should happen to linked textframes crossing over the pages?
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              Ah, I missed the first part of the question about .indd files -- I was hung up on the eps code.

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                I work for my schools ad dept for a newspaper. We layout all the ads then breakdown the master file into sections for the writers to work on them. I was hoping there would be an export feature for inDesign files.

                I think I could write a script that would save a copy of the master file then remove certain pages out of that copy. I would just loop that process a couple times. That doesn't sound too outrageous, does it? I want to make sure I'm not creating too many steps; maybe there is a simpler way about doing this.
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                  Hi Mike,

                  I think the easiest thing to do is to duplicate pages from the original document into new documents. In your earlier post, you said you have InDesign "3"--do you mean that you have InDesign CS, or did you mean InDesign CS3?


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                    Hey Olav,

                    I have InDesign CS3 and I'm new to scripting, but I've worked with JavaScript for a while. So how would I go about duplicating the pages onto a new document?