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    Need alert message when closing the file

      Hi friends,

      One of my friend has an forgetting habit, always forgets some important things to check before delivering the files. So thought of developing some scripts for him and did a couple. He was happy with that but still not upto the mark. The scripts I gave needs to click in the scripts panel. He still forgets to click the scripts in the rushing deadlines. This time I am thinking of something but I have no solution/answer. I'm planning to give an alert message box whenever he closes/exits the file. That is when he is done with the job and he says Ctrl+W or File-Close or Exit, he should see an alert message to check some things which are really imporatant. Writing scripts needs to click them, which he is missing in rush deadlines.
      So can we create anyscript which is attached to the system close command? or Edit the default system close command so that he will not miss anything? I know this is crazy but just want to help him.

      Your help is really appreciable!!