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    [JS](CS3) More EventListeners...?

    CTC Imaging Level 1
      I was wondering if they were more EventListeners. I am specifically looking more "Copy" & "Paste" and their specifics "Before " & "After".

      1) What is the difference between [var xxx = app.eventListeners.add(...);] and [app.eventListeners.add(...);]. They both add the event. Obviously one has a pointer to the event. But how useful is it when the event is associated to a function or pointing to a file to execute? I can't imagine the pointer to the event being "manipulated" after the event has been defined (var xxx = ...).
      2) Is the event "afterOpen" not supposed to trigger AFTER the document is opened? I have defined the event to execute a file and the script alerts me of "No Document Opened!!!". I understand the use of [event.parent] but that forces me to double the scripts that are tied to eventListeners. One regular version using app.activeDocument (accessable w/i User/Script Panel) & a modified version using event.parent (defined in the Startup Script). Are my assumption correct?

      Any help appreciated, Alex.