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    result from a join request on sqlite

    ek_balam Level 1
      Hello again,

      after I tried half a day, I try it here. I got trouble with a join request on a database. I tried the request themself on the sqlite manager and it works. I got the result and I'm able work with the data from the "part_list" but not able to get the result from the "list":

      SELECT DISTINCT list.no, list.info, part_list.* FROM list join part_list on list.no = part_list.no WHERE list.code ='XYZ' AND list.accessory_sub ='1'

      Get results:
      - alert(result.data ['description']); => WORKED, Column from table "part_list"
      - alert(result.data
      ['list.info']; => DON'T WORKED, Column from table "list"

      Don't have any idea what went wrong ????