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    HELP! CS2 hyperlink index to book pages for PDF

      Hi there, would really appreciate any help with this.

      We need to make an interactive PDF with a fully searchable index using InDesign CS2 (windows platform on PC).

      Currently we place text into CS2 InD doc templates, format it, then add all docs into InD Book. A PDF is made from the book and the author indexes from this PDF. He supplies a Word document with Index topics etc and page numbers. This is placed into InDesign, formatted, then loaded into the Book.

      To make the text as interactive as we require in the final PDF, we use InD TOC to adds bookmarks as we need, we also manually add hyperlinks in InD to jump back to the contents page from any given page.

      However we need the Index in the PDF to be fully interactive - ie when you click on a page number in the Index, it will take you to that page. For various reasons we do not want to use InD indexing (which would i gather add hyperlinks) or Indexing facility in Word which also adds hyperlinks by carrying fields over from Word.

      Is there a InD script that could just pick up all page numbers in the Index and connect them to the actual page where the word appears? Without any need for text tagging, or marking or using Index palette?

      I'm sorry but we have no experience of writing scripts (though have used the Endnote script to enable Endnotes to be used in InDesign).

      Any ideas would be very very welcome.

      Thanks for your time!