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    droom dp Level 1
      I have trouble to figure out how to add some XML attributes to XML elements before I do XML export.
      I'm using Javascript. Can someone give me a hint ?

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          srakete Level 1
          Hi droom,
          this is how you can add an xmlAttributes to the root Xml Element:

          myDoc = app.activeDocument;
          myRootXMLElement = myDoc.xmlElements.item(0);
          myRootXMLElement.xmlAttributes.add("jobname", myDoc.name)

          Hope this helps


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            droom dp Level 1

            This helped me a lot, I was trying: myDoc.XMLElements.item(0);... unfortunately "xml" had to be in lower case.

            Thanks a lot,
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              droom dp Level 1
              Anyone any idee how it works in inCopy ?
              (I know this is not the right forum, but the InCopy-one is soo small)

              When I execute the same code as in InDesign, I do not see the added XMLattribute in the XML three, nor in the XML export.
              But when I ask by javascript the number of created attributes, the count is correct !? So somewhere, somehow, the attribute exists.

              Kind Regards,