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    JS/CS3 hyperlinks trouble: finding a hyperlinkTextDestination

      I'm having trouble finding a hyperlinkTextDestination in a document.
      According to the reference I should be able to refer to a hyperlinkTextDestination by using:


      This statement returns an invalid object.

      I also tried to iterate through the collection of hyperlinkTextDestinations to find the item with my label. Like so:

      for(i = 0; i < myDocument.hyperlinkTextDestinations.length; i++)
      if(myDocument.hyperlinkTextDestinations[i].label == myLabel)
      myDestination = myDocument.hyperlinkTextDestinations[i];

      This is not working either. I did set a label to the hyperlinkTextDestination. When this label is encountered myDocument.hyperlinkTextDestinations[i].label == myLabel evaluates to false!

      How to solve this problem?

      Grtn, Kees