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    [JS] ScriptUI groups

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      Hi all,

      I am exploring ScriptUI and cannot make groups to work. Items I add to groups doesn't show up.
      An example of my code look like this:

      win.radioPanel = win.add("panel", [25, 140, 295, 275]);
      win.radioPanel.rpGrp = win.radioPanel.add('group');
      win.radioPanel.rpGrp.radOne = win.radioPanel.rpGrp.add("radiobutton");

      What am I doing wrong?
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          It's because you're setting the coordinates of the panel. There have been a couple of discussions about this here. Let ScriptUI determine the size of the panel.

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            In general, use the layout manager to place things.

            When you specify the bounds like you do in the panel, the layout manager "sees" the bounds in the container, and stops. It will not layout the contents of the container. Possible "containers" are windows, panels, and groups.

            Basically, once you specify the bounds for a container, you're committed. You have to specify the bounds for everything in it.

            var win = new Window( "palette", "test" );

            win.radioPanel = win.add("panel");
            win.radioPanel.rpGrp = win.radioPanel.add('group');
            win.radioPanel.rpGrp.radOne = win.radioPanel.rpGrp.add("radiobutton");


            This will give you a dorky looking little palette.


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              Dave and Bob,

              thanks very much for the answer.