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    Nested styles in CS2. Absence of property appliedNestedStyle

      In task I'm working on there is a subtask of extracting overrides from the text.

      The way I implement it is pretty straightforward: I iterate through all textStyleRanges. With each textStyleRange object I compare its style properties with style properties of paragraphStyle and characterStyle that are applied to it.

      Things are getting harder when nested styles come into play.

      When they are applied, they should be taken into account along with appliedParagraphStyle and appliedCharacterStyle.

      This issue also affects Drop Caps. When the character style is applied to Drop Cap this character style becomes nested.

      In CS3 scripting objects (textStyleRange, text, etc) has property appliedNestedStyle. So to extract overrides I can use it.

      But in InDesign CS2 there is no such property...

      So the question is how can I get applied nested style in CS2? Or maybe some workaround to accomplish the same goal?