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      I've been able to write a script to "autoflow" using the master text frames I need by using the pages.add command along with the .PreviousTextFrame commands and it works fine, but is pretty darn slow. I also know that you can use the place command when placing from a file, but I won't always be placing from a file.

      I assumed I would be able to do something like continue this story from the previous and auto flow, but havn't found anything. Is there really no command that is equivalent to clicking the little red plus then holding down the shift key and selecting another frame to make the text autoflow?

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          I'm afraid not.

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            Thanks Dave, kind of. :o)

            How about the screen refreshing, is there anyway to surpress that until the script is complete?

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              You can do the auto flow by js.

              1. select a textFrame as prevFrame
              2. select a file.
              3. place the text file (set the encoding, etc.)
              4. if the textFrame's parentStory overflow.
              5. then add a new page and create a new textframe, set this new textFrame's previous textFrame as the prevFrame,

              6. repeat 4, 5 until the prevFrame or parentStory is not overflow

              This process will quicker than manual esp in large text file.

              Because you can use commond and this will not create any undo stack.

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                This is essentially what I have working, it just goes MUCH slower than when you autoflow manually by holding the shift key when assigning the text to a frame.

                I was hoping for a command that would autoflow the file in the same way as holding the shift key, with InDesign creating the pages.

                Thanks though!