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    Exporting to Text File (VBS)

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      I'm trying to write a InDesign VBScript that will export two specific columns into a basic text file that will be comma seperated from several pages. Does anyone have any sample scripts or point me in a direction to do this? Sorry for being such a noob to all the scripting. If you have any questions for me let me know.

      Thanks in advance to any help!
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          what you mean by COLUMNS ??
          text columns - one text frame with two or more columns, two separate text frames alongside
          or table colums ?
          or you have two text frames as two column table ?

          and which ID - 2.0.2 or CS1/2/3 ??


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            I'm using CS2 right now. I believe the answer to your question is Table Columns. For example there are columns with part #'s, price, etc. I spoke incorrect I actually only need to export one column and then the page number (which I believe you helped me figure out in an earlier post).

            I'm trying to fix and redo scripts that were wrote by a previous person and some of the scripts don't work quite right.

            Thanks again!