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    **InD CS2  javascript writer needed**HELP!!!

      Hi there
      If there are any javascript writers who could help please can you email me at emcbriarty@ashgatepublishing.com

      I'm looking for 2 scripts to do quite specific things in Windows InD CS2 but also for potential conversion to CS3 and to go x-platform to Mac if necessary.

      1) to create unseen hyperlinks between page numbers in the Index doc of an InD book (NB: the index is created outside InDesign and there are no tags, links etc just plain text)and the actual document pages (ie chapters of the book) so when PDFd it is interactive

      2) to create unseen hyperlinks between endnote indicators in a chapter with the actual endnote text at the end of the chapter so when PDFd it is interactive.

      Many thanks and look forward to hearing from anyone who could help,

      Kind regards